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  • 2009 Lincoln MKX

    Lincoln MKX
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • Scanned Vehicle for DTC's, no codes were found at this time; vehicle had a misfire on cylinder #5, inspected #4 and #5 cylinder spark plugs, looked like original equipment, were fairly worn; swapped spark plugs are ignition coils from #5 and #6 cylinders, road tested vehicle, no more misfires. Recommend replacing all 6 spark plugs and the #5 cylinder ignition coil
    • Replaced Vehicle's Spark Plugs and #5 cylinder ignition coil
    Ken D. gave our service a 5 star review on 6/3/2019
  • 2006 Lincoln Zephyr

    Lincoln Zephyr
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • Checked Vehicle's Steering and Suspension; Found both front outer tie rods to be worn out, left inner tie rod is worn out, and it's dust boot is torn; and both lower ball joints to have excessive play
    • Scanned Vehicle for DTC's, Following Codes Found: P0451 – EVAP Pressure Performance, P0452 – EVAP System Pressure Sensor Low, P0538 – A/C Evaporator Temp Sensor Circuit High, and P1000 – OBD II System Checks Incomplete Fuel Tank Pressure is Stuck at -17.79 at 10volts, no change when removed gas cap, will have to put vacuum to the system with the vent closed to further diagnose, smoked system with closed vent, system good, Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor did not change, will have to get to the sensor to check plug and wiring to see if it looks good; inspected wiring and found faulty sensor
    • Change engine oil and filter, check tire pressures, inspect and top off fluids, inspect engine air filter and cabin air filter, lubricate chassis (if applicable)
    • Replaced Vehicle's both side Outer Tie Rod Ends
    • Replaced Vehicle's Driver Side Inner Tie Rod End and Dust Boot
    • Replaced Vehicle's Both Side Lower Control Arms
    • Aligned Vehicle at Al's Tire Shop
    Chad P. gave our service a 5 star review on 3/27/2019